my new designer bag on my shoulder

It all started when I was in college. I had enough cash flow to buy myself a few nice things, but the thing I wanted the most was an expensive designer replcia handbag. I looked around for the perfect one, but everywhere I went, the real thing was just too much money. So, I did what anyone in my situation would do; I opted for a fake.
At first, it felt great. I was so proud of myself. I strutted around campus with my new designer bag on my shoulder. I felt like my peers accepted me. But when I was walking around the mall, I realized that many of the other people around me had the same bag as me. I didn’t even know how they had afford it. After talking to one of them, I realized they had all purchased fake handbags too.
In that moment, my pride disappeared and I felt embarrassed. I had wasted my money on something that wasn’t real. I had wanted to feel special and it had seemed like a good way to do that. But, here was everyone else with the same bag. I was overcome with a sense of sadness.
I soon realized that these counterfeit items were merely a quick fix and that I would be upsides down in the long run. Plus, I was told about the poor working conditions that the people who had produced my bag had endured in their sweatshops. I was crushed.
After this realization, I’ve become a lot more aware when it comes to buying knock-off handbags. To start with, even though the price might at first seem appealing – kind of like a bargain – I always take a minute to consider what I’m really[……]

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